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Cyhalofop-butyl Tech


Fatty acid synthesis inhibitor, For post-emergence control of grass weeds in rice. Weeds such as  caper euphorbia seed (Leptochloa chinensis (L.) Nees); BARNYARD grass (young Echinochloa crusgalli (L.) Beauv.); knotgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.); Paspalumdistichum (Paspalum distichum L.); foxtail grass (Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv.); Indian goosegrass (Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn.); shortawn foxtail (Alopecurus aequalis Sobol.).

Content and Appearance

Off-white slice 97% min.


10%, 15%, 25%, 40% EC, EW; 20%, 30% OD; mixed with Penoxsulam, Bispyribac-sodium, Pyribenzoxim


25kg/fiber drum

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