Shaping the Future Agriculture with Science and Technology

Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (FLAGCHEM) is a national high-tech enterprise initially founded in the agrochemical industry, future FLAGCHEM intends to rely on its robust R & D prowess and advanced industrial platform to become a global leader in life science and new materials.

Improving Core Competence with our Talents and Innovation

FLAGCHEM has consistently viewed R & D innovation as one of its core Competence, and to comprehensively and continuously build the company's R & D innovation advantages in the future.

Achieving Sustainable Growth with Green Technology

As a young listed company, FLAGCHEM has continued to develop sustainably and it is committed to building a safe and environmentally friendly, green and energy-saving, and technologically advanced industrial platform.




Thank you all stakeholders for being with us. Each of your efforts count and assured with reward.


Fiscal Year 2021

  • Earnings Per Share1.03 Yuan
  • Net Profits213,613,956.14 Yuan
  • Operation Revenue2,192,805,168.74 Yuan

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